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LC14 Tabourets

I Maestri
Year of design
1952 / 1959
Year of productionDark Co Guess Donna Grey 38 Grigio W64L19W7UY0 Heather Cappotto
LC14 01 Tabouret stool Cabanon
Designed in 1952 for the Cabanon, a hut built by Le Corbusier on the French Riviera, where alongside the many fi xed furnishings, the furniture was all conceived as boxes.
This stool is Spartan and yet at the same time sophisticated due to its dovetail joints that highlight the connections between the solid wood surfaces.
The oblong hole on each side makes Tabouret very easy to handle.
Made in natural-coloured solid chestnut wood.
LC14 02 Tabouret stool Maison du Brésil
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Designed by Le Corbusier in 1959 for the Maison du Brésil at the Cité International Universitaire de Paris.
The oblong openings on the two main sides make it easy to move the stool, which can be positioned either horizontally or vertically.
The exclusive system of dovetail joints on the corners shows off the precision and skill of Cassina in working solid wood.


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